Waterside Tenants Association

The Waterside Tenants Association (WTA) was formed in 1974 to represent tenant interests at Waterside Plaza. All tenants are members. We meet regularly with the building management and city, state and federal elected and agency officials to represent the collective interests of residents and our neighborhood community, including any area of disagreement with policies and practices established by the management and owners.



CareCorps is a project of the WTA designed to enable neighbors to support one another when care is needed such as accompanying someone to the doctor’s office or home from a procedure, to the drug store or library, and also to share each other’s company and enjoy leisure activities

Proposed 25th St. Sanitation Garage

The NYC Sanitation Department has proposed to build a 470,000 sq. ft., 10 story parking garage for garbage trucks and other Sanitation vehicles. WTA vigorously opposes this land use for due to negative impacts on pedestrian safety, air quality, and traffic.

Energy Usage at WSP

Energy usage is a key issue for people living at Waterside Plaza. WTA has done extensive work with Waterside Management to help residents understand our energy costs and develop strategies to reduce costs.